Have A Low Oxygen Intake? Oxygen Supplements Are Known To Increase Your Oxygen Intake

Some People today need more ingestion of oxygen as athletes and individuals with bad oxygen consumption and ordinary individuals don’t have any problems breathing in any way. Oxy-gen includes saturated oxygen and lots of critical nutrients at a stabilized container of aloe Vera. The oxy-gen includes hydrogen peroxide as a preservative and lemon lime taste for making it yummy to consume.

Ginkgo Biloba

Oxy-gen Lemon lime contains quite healthy ingredient called ginkgo Biloba. It’s among the most researched plants. It’s useful in treating blood circulation problems to the mind by some ailments. It acts as a dilator and helps boost the size of capillaries that enhances the circulation of blood into the brain. Other health benefits include improving memory and fighting free radicals.

75 Colloidal Minerals

Oxygen Lemon lime includes a whole set of quite absorbing 75 colloidal minerals. Because of exceptionally compact size these vital minerals are easily absorbed into the blood stream and reach the cells to help in several cell functions along with other body mechanics. Colloidal minerals also help in bone formation and teeth growth.


Oxygen Lemon lime contains quite important trace mineral, magnesium. This nutrient is called for by the body in tiny quantities for regulating glucose, hypertension and assisting in synthesis of proteins. Together with these functions It’s also helpful in muscle building and immune system operates


Our Body functions on messages type the mind that’s transmitted through pulses. Potassium is one of fundamental mineral which shows negative charge and can be used for this electric charge transport. Without it there will not be any action within the body. It’s also use by the body for good muscle contractions. Oxygen lime offers potassium to assist reducing the lack of potassium.

Aloe Vera

Oxygen Lemon lime comprises Alovera that’s employed in most areas of the planet as a herbal remedy for many diseases. Although scientific research hasn’t proved a lot of the treatment choices but nevertheless it’s clear that it reduces the odds of heart attack. Various other advantages of aloe Vera are energy fostering, immune system development, combined lubrication and aid in arthritis treatments and additionally soothing of the cells.

Zinc gluconate

Oxygen Lemon lime offers zinc an essential nutrient via zinc gluconate. It has synthesized from the body releasing and is an essential component of 3000 proteins.

Peppermint Leaf

Oxygen Cherry berry includes pepper mint foliage whose oil includes menthol an extremely healthful ingredient to purify the digestive tract and also assisting eliminate the intestinal cramping.

Bee Pollen

Oxygen Lemon lime includes bee pollen that’s full of carbohydrates and proteins and contains a few quantities of minerals and vitamins. Generally it’s taken to greatly fortify the body.

Other Ingredients

Oxygen Lemon lime together with natural taste of lemon lime and colours too Include purified water, citric acid, crystalline fructose, grape skin, Magnesium peroxide etc to produce this supplement an superb selection for Great additional oxygen along with other health advantages.

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