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General questions:

  • Where, generally, are your offshore servers?
    In order to assure customers' email privacy and email security, our servers are located offshore in Nassau, Bahamas. Bahamas is well known as a country with strict privacy laws.

  • What about physical security of your servers?
    The MuteMail system runs in secure operating environment that is not accessible to the public.

  • Do you keep any logs?
    We collect no logs or customer data beyond what is required for performance tuning and security monitoring of our servers. This data does not have any information, which can identify a customer or customers' personal usage. Any such data is analyzed only statistically, and is destroyed soon thereafter. Please read our Email Privacy Policy.

  • Do you keep records of the IP addresses associated with any emails that get sent through your SMTP server?
    No, we do not keep these records.

  • What is your policy regarding clients' addresses?
    We do not sell or share clients' addresses with anyone. Please read our Email Privacy Policy.

  • Will I be assured that you will never give my info out to anyone?
    We do not log anything related to the client's activity/identity. We have nothing to produce even if we are requested to do so.

  • Who are you guys? Where are you?
    We are a UK registered company Confinet Ltd. located in London. We provide a range of services enhancing clients' Internet privacy. Listed briefly they are as follows:

  • Also, how long have you been in business?
    We provide online privacy services since 2000.

  • I'm using free anonymous email with Yahoo (Hotmail). Why do I need your services?
    Free webmail anonymity is a myth. Web based email (like hotmail or yahoo mail) does not protect sender's privacy. There is no anonymity and there is no content protection with most of email services, both free mail services and those provided by ISPs. It is enough to see the headers of your message to learn that your mail was sent from a certain IP address. This address points to your geographic location and the ISP details.

  • What is secure and anonymous SMTP?
    SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. An email software application and email server use this protocol to send email messages.

  • What are these SSL encrypted POP and SSL encrypted IMAP?
    Both POP and IMAP protocols can be used to retrieve email messages from the server. Our servers use SSL encryption to secure email messages while in transit. Please see the difference between POP and IMAP described below.

  • Why do I need SSL encryption?
    Email security depends on it. SSL transport prevents from message headers (From, To, Subject fields) and message body interception on the way to/from the mail server while sending/receiving email. This part of the route is most critical for compromising email privacy of a sender since local authorities like ISP/company staff or government agencies can monitor it.

  • How do you ensure email anonymity?
    Unlike others, we do not insert customers' network connection details into outgoing email messages headers.

  • Why hiding IP address is so important?
    The key detail pointing to a sender's location is an IP address existing in every message headers. IP address can be used by a hacker to attack your PC or by an investigator spying on you. It is impossible to disguise IP address without using a special anonymizing service.

  • Is my IP address hidden when sending email through your mail server?
    Yes, your IP address will be not shown in the message headers.

  • If someone sends me an email and I reply back to that email, does my IP address show up?
    No, your IP address will be hidden.

  • What if I use PGP or S/MIME for email encryption?
    MuteMail supplements well with PGP or S/MIME encryption. Even if you encrypt email messages with PGP or S/MIME the message headers still remain open. "To:", "From:", "Subject:", etc. fields may disclose your identity and contain confidential information. Supplementing your encryption software MuteMail will transfer your messages through SSL encrypted tunnel for better email security. All parts of the message will be protected from interception.

  • I go through your Terms of Service and understand nothing. Can you please explain in simple terms what is not allowed?
    We do not allow sending commercial advertisements and mass email messages of any kind through the MuteMail servers; customer cannot use MuteMail address for fraudulent activity of any kind. Please read Terms of Service again.

  • Do you allow bulk mailing?
    No, we do not allow bulk mailing. Our services are not intended for mass mailing. Any account used for any kind of mass mailing will be terminated without refund. Please read our Terms of Service.


Using MuteMail Services

  • What do I need to use MuteMail service?
    To enjoy MuteMail securely all you need is an SSL capable mail client, for example: SecureBat, Eudora, Netscape Communicator, MS Outlook, Outlook Express or others. In case you do not use email client software, you may access your mail through the SSL Webmail interface.

  • Do I need to install some additional email software or plug-ins?
    No. You may use your usual email application.

  • My email client does not support SSL encryption. Can I use your service?
    Some email clients do not support SSL encryption. This means that if you use such a client, your messages will be anonymous (no internet connections details in the message headers will be shown), but since encryption is not available, email messages will be transferred in clear text through the Internet. If the email security is of prime importance for you, you may wish to use email client with SSL encryption support. You may look for the list of SSL capable software at our Support page.

  • My email software is not in your list. What should I do?
    Please contact us at stating your email software vendor and version number. We will check it for compatibility with our services and let you know.

  • I have not chosen email software yet. Can you recommend the most secure one?
    There is a powerful secure email client developed by Ritlabs called Secure Bat! Ritlabs SecureBat is the first and only security product to combine hardware authentication with email servers, on-the-fly encryption of all locally-stored data. It's the best choice for personal or corporate use for now. Combined with MuteMail service Secure Bat allows the most advanced and secure way to communicate by email. Read more about Secure Bat!

  • I'm using Linux at work and Mac at home, what email software should I use?
    MuteMail compatible software exists for the most of platforms - Windows, Macintosh, Unix/Linux users are welcome! You may use KMail ( ~kmail/ index.html) or Mozilla ( on your Linux machine with KDE, or ssl-pine from command line. For Mac users we recommend using Eudora ( or Outlook for Mac. Please read set up instructions for Eudora and Outlook at our Support pages.

  • I'm using Eudora (SecureBat, Outlook, Netscape). How do I configure it to work with MuteMail anonymous email account?
    Please visit our Support pages for detailed set up instructions.

  • My software version differs from stated at your Support page.
    You may read our generic setup instructions at our Support page. Following these instructions you will be able to set correctly the settings required to work with MuteMail anonymous email account. If you fail, please contact us at

  • My ISP/company blocks sending email through remote servers. Can I use MuteMail services?
    We give additional, non-standard SMTP port for clients, which may be of use if client's ISP or company firewall blocks remote email access. In most cases this allows to bypass ISP/company firewall.

  • I will need to send attachments. Do you have any message size limits?
    Yes, you can send messages with attachments. Every outgoing message is limited to 10MB in size.

  • As I understand both POP and IMAP protocols can be used to retrieve email messages. What is the difference between them?
    POP allows only retrieving email messages from the server to your local PC. IMAP is more advanced protocol, which allows you to store messages on the email server as well. It's very handy if you are working from several locations using different computers. For example IMAP user can compose a message on his computer at work and save it in Drafts folder on the IMAP server. Later at home he can connect to the IMAP server and get that message from the Drafts folder and continue editing it. After the message has been sent, a copy will be placed in Sent folder on the IMAP server. Next day at work the user will have access to all messages sent from home through the IMAP server.

  • I'm planning to use Personal MuteMail anonymous email account. Can I set up email forwarding on my MuteMail address, so that messages will not be stored on your servers, but go directly into my ISP email account?
    Yes, you can. You will need to log into account control panel to set it up.

  • I'm planning to use Personal MuteMail anonymous email account. How my email address will look like?
    During the sign up procedure you will be able to choose the user part of email address e.g. "myname". The domain part (after "@" sign) can be chosen from the list of domains available.

  • I'm planning to use Personal MuteMail anonymous email account. I will need to forward my mail coming to MuteMail address to my ISP's email address and store copy on MuteMail local POP box.
    Yes, you can do this. You will need to log into account control panel to set it up.

  • I'm planning to use Personal MuteMail anonymous email account. Can I set up vacation autoresponder on my MuteMail address?
    Yes, you can. You will need to log into account control panel to set it up.

  • Is it secure to use webmail?
    Yes, it's secure. Webamail interface is protected with SSL encryption.

  • Is it secure to manage account using web control panel?
    Yes, it's secure since web control panel can be accessed through SSL encrypted pages only.

  • I'm using Outlook. Is this a good choice for email software?
    Probably not. It is buggy and not too much secure. Most if not all mail viruses that are activated by opening a message (without clicking on attachments) are written to exploit Outlook bugs, and do not affect other email software. Additionally Outlook inserts "Message-ID" headers into an email message that shows the computer network name. In case your computer name contains personal information and cannot be changed (by company network policy for example) you should not use Outlook for private correspondence.

  • Do you have any email antivirus protection installed on your servers?
    No. Server side antivirus protection requires opening attachments and passing message content through a filter, which breaks email privacy. We do not control clients' activities manually or using robots as stated in our Email Privacy Policy.


Domain mail hosting

  • I have my own domain. Can I send/receive email for this domain through the MuteMail?
    Yes, you can. You will need a Business MuteMail secure email hosting account for this.

  • Is it possible to send/receive email for my domain using Business MuteMail secure email hosting account but host web pages elsewhere?
    Yes, you can do this. You will need to change MX records in the DNS for your domain to point them to our email servers. Please contact for assistance.

  • I'm planning to use Business MuteMail secure email hosting account but I have no domain. Can you assist me in getting own domain name?
    Yes, we can register a domain name for you. You will need to enter domain name registration info in the Business MuteMail email hosting account subscription form.

  • I'm planning to use Business MuteMail secure email hosting account. How can I manage my email accounts?
    You will be able to manage email accounts, aliases, email forwarding and autoresponders for your domain through the web control panel.

  • I'm planning to use Business MuteMail secure email hosting account. Please tell me more how web control panel works.
    Customer can login to the control panel as admin user to add/delete/modify POP/IMAP accounts, aliases, email forwarding and autoresponders for the domain. Also, using POP/IMAP account username/password that is previously added by admin, a user can login to the control panel to change settings like email forwarding, vacation message or change password for his account.

  • What's the difference between alias and forward?
    Alias is an email address at your domain (, which automatically forwards any mail received to some other real (with POP/IMAP access) mailbox under the same domain that you specify. Email forward is the same as alias, but any external POP/IMAP mailbox (under a different domain) can be used.

  • Do I need a special skill to administer Business MuteMail secure email hosting account?
    No, you do not need any special skill for this. You can contact if you have any questions about managing your email domain.


Signing up / Billing

  • How can I pay for MuteMail service?
    We accept credit cards (online), e-gold (online), wire transfers, checks and money orders (either UK or international, payable in the UK). Please email us at for payment instructions.

  • How can I pay anonymously?
    We recommend paying by e-gold. It's secure and anonymous. Please learn more at


  • I did not find answer to my questions in this page
    Please direct all your inquiries about MuteMail secure and anonymous email services to We will be happy to answer them.


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