Advantage of Outlook Email


feature-1Ever since the emergence of Windows together with the Microsoft functions including Microsoft Outlook designed as a platform for incoming and outgoing emails, it has continually improved and grows through the years and never looked back since then. Microsoft outlook has been in battle toe to toe with different email platforms, especially the free ones including gmail and yahoo mail. The difference between Microsoft outlook and how emails like gmail or google mail and yahoo are obvious. Here’s the advantage of using Microsoft Outlook that you haven’t know yet.

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Different types of Email Services


feature-2In case you are not aware, there are actually three different types of email services that you are receiving from your emails. Most of them are generally called “email” or electronic mail. But if you will notice, these emails actually differs as per their sources and here are the basic information about these types. Read More

How to Choose the Best Email Provider


feature-3Whether you are an individual or someone who owns a business, you would probably be in need of an email provider to reach out the “online world”. Some are claiming that mobile and social media are killing the importance of email as users can now simply use their mobile number to create or accessed a Facebook account. The real truth is, these things won’t exist without the others, and what they need is to co-exist. And going back to the importance of email, imagine those long proposals being sent to your prospect employer? A response to an application, business proposal, and anything that should be as formal as it should. Read More